Saturday, June 25, 2005

Failover mechanism with RMI

I am using CORBA for my distributed application. However my environment is based on java so I could not able to utilise full potential of CORBA. So thinking to move to RMI. But the concerned point is the fail over mechanism. I am aware of the fact that RMI has little support for fail over(Correct me if am wrong and provide me info?).
The mechanism I am thinking is to customise RMI lookup service. I will have services registered in registry.The main purpose of customisation is to I need to have a dynamic look up service. The job is to look for an active service and incase service is down look for an alternate service.
I would have a cookie server to manage transation/state replication.
So can I able to customise lookup service?

Please provide me your input.


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hinernate with Swing

I was thinking a data model based on swing. I have hibernate which provides reach set of data objects integrated with back-end. But my UI i.e. swing needs to be in sync with data model. This would be a exatc match with struts form-beans associated with html-form. Keeping this in my mind, I am interested to devise one framework which can represent data model in back-end as well as UI in front-end. So any change in UI will get reflected directly in DB with validation.

public class TreeObjectModel extends JTree, implements ITreeDataModel {
//Here ITreeDataModel is the interface responsible for any data operations and implementation.
My tree represents directly the data in database using Hibernate data object.

Please let me know your opinion on the same?